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​"I had my first dermaplaning right before my son's wedding this year, I needed a pick me up to feel young again. I was so surprised how much this treatment transformed my skin in 1 visit. I was more interested in removing all the hair, however wasn't expecting to see a few years come off. I have since made it a monthly date with Stephanie and my skin is looking better with every visit. Next month I will be combining it to her 2 hour facial...excited!!!" - Bev J. / Tucson, AZ


Rapunzel's Spa has been performing Dermaplaning for 18 years. Dermaplaning is a non-invasive procedure that requires no downtime. This treatment isn't an ordinary Dermaplaning.  This is truly a gift to your dermal tissue.

*Removes Hair

*Fine Lines & Wrinkles


*Encourages your collagen & elastin production

*Leaves skin smooth and soft

*Perfect for all skin types

*No Downtime

Rapunzel's Dermaplaning

Where results meet relaxation, this treatment is one of Rapunzel's favorites! Includes an anti-aging & skin clarifying fruit enzyme, ozone therapy, and oxygen infusion—skin tightening with meridian line massage and lymphatic drainage—hydration Mask. 

1.5 hours - $275

Monthly Clients- $225

Rapunzel's Holy Grail

Rapunzel's Dermaplaning 

Fruit Peel



Take-Home Skin Bundle. 

Twenty-Four-hour downtime

2.5 hours - $575

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