​"I had my first dermaplaning right before my son's wedding this year, I needed a pick me up to feel young again. I was so surprised how much this treatment transformed my skin in 1 visit. I was more interested in removing all the hair, however wasn't expecting to see a few years come off. I have since made it a monthly date with Stephanie and my skin is looking better with every visit. Next month I will be combining it to her 2 hour facial...excited!!!" - Bev J. / Tucson, AZ


This isn't your ordinary Dermaplaning. This is truly a gift to your dermal tissue. If you have never experienced this treatment your skin is missing out! Includes a powerful anti-aging oxygen treatment.

*Removes all the hair on the face

*Fine Lines & Wrinkles


*Encourages your own collagen & elastin production

*Leaves skin smooth and soft

*Perfect for all skin types

*No Downtime

You'll Leave saying one word...Amazing! 


Rapunzel's Spa has been performing Dermaplaning for over 15 years. Dermaplaning is a non-invasive procedure that requires no downtime. Our licensed aesthetician throughly cleanses the skin 2x with herbs and botanicals. Next a fruity blend of natural acids will set your ph and get your skin ready for optimum results. A tool will be used to gently scrape away dead skin and resurface the whole face. Revealing fresh, healthy, and younger looking skin. An added bonus to dermaplaning is the removal of that unwanted hair on the face. You will then receive an oxygen treatment that will target free radicals. A hydrating and tightening mask will be applied to your face and neck. Finishing with hydrating serums and anti-aging moisturizers. You will leave with incredibly soft skin, no redness and your products at home will penetrate deeper. Great for all skin types.

(Dermaplaning is 20% OFF when combined with Rapunzel's Royal Treatment)