Imagine energetically healing water at your desired temperature cascading over your entire body like a waterfall stimulating all your Chakra points. Water Therapy is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating--at 12 gpm through 8 water jets, as a combination wash-down and hydrotherapy. From the perspective of a highly sensational spa experience, we consider the Vichy shower ranking at the top of spa treatments. If you want to experience the exhilaration of an extreme wet room - an exciting journey awaits for you in the ultimate hydro adventure.
Monsoon Spa Package
Package Includes:

Vichy Shower

Full Body Treatment,
Hot Oil Scalp Treatment
(Shampoo & Conditioning)

Ionic Foot Detox Bath

Rapunzel's Hydration Facial or

Anti-Aging Dermaplaning

Designed to cleanse and relax the entire body. This treatment begins with a thorough full-body dry-brushing. A meticulous body exfoliation; Rapunzel's blend of sea salts, dried herbs, and hydrating oils will banish dead skin cells leaving your body feeling deeply relaxed and smooth. Hot Oil Scalp Treatment (Includes Shampoo & Conditioning) You will then enjoy Rapunzel's Vichy shower immersing you like a steamy monsoon rain purifying & rinsing your entire body. Your choice of Rapunzel's Hydration Facial or an Anti-Aging Dermaplaning.

Next toxins releasing by way of an Ionic Foot Detox Bath while sipping a nourishing beverage. Closing with an invigorating magnesium-based season-appropriate foot drench cream.

               Spa Package #1            

               Rapunzel's Hydration Facial            



 Spa Package #2

Anti-Aging Dermaplaning



Add-ons such as Brow Waxing/Shaping, Lash Tinting, Brow Tinting, etc. are welcomed.
Must be requested at reservation.