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Relaxing Massage
Rapunzel's was established in 2006
Clients from all around the globe have named Rapunzel's treatment's "The World's Best" Our philosophy is" Do unto others as you would want to have done to you." The skin is the largest organ of your whole system and undeniably tells the story of what's taking place internally; you go to a resort spa to have your face fluffed, you come to Rapunzel's for in depth awareness, highly relaxing treatments, and answers to the questions you seek." ​Each treatment is compounded with years of empiricism and skin secrets you won't find anywhere else. 
​We have an undeniable passion for wellness in every branch of the tree. There are so many tools we can tap into to show us what our internal health is and how to get to our goals. We love to pamper our clients! The best part about our job is leading them to healthy body and beautiful skin while educating them at the same time. It's a delight to watch a client change into what they always wanted to see in the mirror, but never thought they would. We are grateful to be able to spend our days making people feel empowered, pampered, and gorgeous!
​With all the information we get from our families, friends, dermatologists, and even medical doctors, many people still have trouble reaching their goal. Sometimes even the most well-informed people among us make fixable mistakes that can keep us from obtaining glowing skin and a healthy vessel. We know that so many errors are a result of misinformation not a lack of commitment. Rapunzel's is here to help--we will have you on the right path in no time! ​​
Book your appointment today to indulge in a herbal spa experience like no other!
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