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Eucalyptus Steam Sinus, Head, & Shoulder Massage

Breathe easy with a eucalyptus steam, sinus pressure point, and head/shoulder massage. Your congestion and sore muscles will surrender with this powerful healing treatment.

1 HOUR /$125

Crown, Visage & Foundation

Scalp, Face & Feet

This healing spa treatment improves blood circulation in your scalp, face, and feet. Drift into another world with this highly relaxing experience rich in healing sound frequencies calming your nerve endings and acupressure points.

1 HOUR /$148

Cold Stone Migraine Massage


An integrative therapy of massage, cold stones, and aromatherapy to relieve migraine pressure and pain.

1 Hour /$125

__________________________________________________________________________SLEEP TREATMENTS


Available starting in February 2025

In a busy world filled with technology, kids' soccer games, and stressful work deadlines, sleep can be considered a luxury experience. Essential to overall health and well-being, a good night's sleep does wonders for your body. Introducing a collection of sleep treatments designed to provide you with much needed rest.



The only one of its kind, this deeply relaxing head, neck, shoulder and back massage, uses warmed organic aromatherapy oils specifically designed for limitless relaxation.  A calming hydrating body oil follows with a heated herbal compress placed on tense back muscles to melt away stress, as you fall into a deep slumber.

60 minute massage & tea ritual, 20 minute deep sleep slumber.



Series of Six


80 Minutes 


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