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​"I have been getting facials since I was in my early 20's and am now 42. I have lived in Virginia, Boston, and Colorado. Stephanie's facial was the BEST I have had. My face looks and feels amazing. I highly recommend you go in and try her out - you won't be disappointed."
-Jennifer N. / Bedford, MA
Voted Tucson's Best Facial!
Rapunzel's Royal Treatment

Ultimate in Results and Relaxation!


Rapunzel's clients from all around the globe have named this "The World's Best Facial." Ultimate Skin Lovers Facial, body meridian massage, hydrating foot treatment, reflexology, and scalp treatment with a scalp massage. It includes everything your heart desires and more! 

2 HOURS$325

20% Off Dermaplaning when added to this treatment 




Clarifying, Re-balancing, and Nourishing


Recommended for oily/acne to seborrheic skin, the ultimate facial to accelerate purity, cell renewal, restructuring, firming, hydrating, and protecting against exterior aggressions using manual exfoliation. Extractions are performed with the utmost expertise. Nikola Tesla's Direct High Frequency is used to get the skin back into alignment, eliminate bacteria, and oxygenate the cells: healing and hydrating masks. We are finishing with therapeutic and relaxing facial and declotte massage. 

1.5 HOURS/ $195

Gentlemen's Facial

Healing, Soothing, and Blissful 


Warm herbal steam and healing ingredients soften and purify your skin during this 60-minute facial designed specifically for men. Our deep pore cleansing facial calms, balances, nourishes, and protects the skin, counteracting the harsh effects of environmental conditions and frequent shaving. Hydrating Foot Treatment, including warm, soothing foot wrap. Shoulder, neck, and scalp massage.

1 HOUR/ $185


29 & Holding

Natural Lift, Plumping, and Brightening


It is recommended for dull, sluggish skin. Thanks to its antioxidants level, this is all about plumping, revitalizing, and protecting the skin's elasticity. Experience Rapunzel's HydraFacial, then a specialized treatment using vibratory massage technique that will leave your skin feeling smoother, brighter, and your face plumed and redefined. This natural facelift stimulates epidermal reconstruction to make your skin more youthful, energized, and toned.

1.5 HOURS$225

Dermaplaning Facial

Anti-Aging, Hydrating, and Relaxing 


A Client Favorite!


Organic Detox 

Smoothing, Hydrating, and Regenerating


Suitable for all and highly recommended for dehydrated, sensitive skin, stimulate the skin’s natural defense system by working in harmony with the lymphatic and circulatory system. An excellent anti-stress treatment that will leave your skin feeling stress-free reconditioned, and glowing.  

1 HOUR/ $175

 Teen Facial

 Acneic skin types



A gentle protocol designed for the variety of skin issues facing the modern teen. Cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, customized treatment mask and balancing hydration. Education is of utmost importance when cleansing the body of acne. We will inform while making it fun and express it in such a way that makes your teen want to stick 

with home care.

45 MINS/ $95

Rapunzel's Spa has been performing Dermaplaning for 18 years. Dermaplaning is a non-invasive procedure that requires no downtime. This treatment isn't an ordinary Dermaplaning.  

This is truly a gift to your dermal tissue.
*Removes Hair
*Fine Lines & Wrinkles
*Encourages your collagen & elastin production
*Leaves skin smooth and soft
*Perfect for all skin types
*No Downtime

Rapunzel's Dermaplaning
Where results meet relaxation, this treatment is one of Rapunzel's favorites! Includes an anti-aging and skin-clarifying fruit enzyme, ozone therapy, and oxygen infusion—skin tightening with meridian line massage and lymphatic drainage—hydration Mask. 
1.5 HOURS/ $275

Monthly Clients/ $225


Rapunzel's Back Facial

Purifying, & Renewing


The back is the most overlooked area of the body. This is the body treatment you never knew you needed. Full of botanicals and skin-clarifying herbs. It also comes with a detox treatment for your feet—a rejuvenating Massage.

1 HOUR/ $175



Eye Brow Tinting/ $25

Eye Lash Tinting/ $25



Facial Cupping

Drains stagnant fluids to ease puffiness, reduce the tension of facial muscles, aid in draining sinuses, and ease expression lines.

45 min/ $99


Rapunzel's Holy Grail


Fruit Peel



Take-Home Skin Bundle. 

Twenty-Four-hour downtime

2.5 Hours/ $575

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