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What is Nano-Needling?
Nano-Needling is a procedure that produces hundreds of tiny dermal injuries to an area of skin with a specialized machine.

How Does Nano-Needling work using the "MJ Method" ?
Each dermal injury triggers the bodies natural wound healing response within the skin, producing and depositing new collagen in the treatment area. Each successive treatment triggers the production and deposition of new collagen that progressively fills in depressed scars and deep lines. Using the "MJ Method", we utilize the bodies own ability to heal its self. The Fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen and elastin, are regenerating the tissue. Combining it with chemical & vitamin therapies throws the skin into hyper drive or skin transformation! Its all about the protocols and the tight structure in ​which Stephanie Peterman (Dermal Needling Expert) applies them. The wrinkles, lines, or depressed scars plump from the bottom-up, naturally. Repeated needling sessions gradually and continually build new collagen to fill-in the treated areas.

Micro-Rejuvenation is also called Needle Abrasion, Needle Dermabrasion, Facial Mesotherapy, Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation (MCA), Percutaneous Collagen Induction (PCI), or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). This procedure is popular in Europe and becoming more popular in the United States. However, it is widely used in its country of origin South Africa.

Epidermis Remains Intact:

MJ Method does not remove or damage the outer skin layer (epidermis) entirely like other traditional needling treatment methods do. The healthy skin and blood vessels in-between the lines, wrinkles, or scars is preserved. That improves healing, collagen production, and long-term results.

Less Pigmentation Changes:

Because the epidermis is left untouched, there is less risk of permanent structural damage such as post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (skin darkening) or de-pigmentation (color loss or skin whitening).

Fewer Side Effects:

There are no side effects such as thinning of the skin or increased sun sensitivity because the epidermis is preserved. MJ Method uses no artificial fillers so the chance of an allergic reaction or infection is also minimized.

Fast Healing and Downtime:

MJ Method is precisely controlled and creates minimal dermal trauma. Healing is rapid with a short downtime of only a few days.

Ongoing Treatments are Possible:

Other resurfacing methods cannot be repeated indefinitely because they eventually thin the skin and create photosensitivity. But MJ Method can be repeated safely because the dermis becomes thicker in the treated areas instead of thinner. Also, other resurfacing methods must avoid the delicate eye area, but MJ Method can safely treat areas around the eyes such as Crows Feet." It can also be performed safely on skin that previously had laser re-surfacing treatments or dermabrasion.

Results and Number of Treatments:

The number of required treatment sessions varies according to the depth of each wrinkle or scar. Improvement in the needled areas may be seen as soon as a few weeks after one procedure. However, inner healing of the skin continues for several months. During this time the needled skin will smooth and tighten as collagen is deposited. Fine lines or wrinkles may need 1 to 2 sessions to be plumped. Medium to deeper wrinkles and acne scars may require 3 or more treatments for optimal results. Pitted scars, stretch marks and deep wrinkles may require 4 to 6 sessions or more for optimum depth improvement. Results can be enhanced and maintained when special vitamin serums are used after initial healing.



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Full Face (Neck & Chest/Décolletage )


Full Face


Cheeks/Acne Scaring



Forehead/Frown Lines

Crows Feet Only


Crows feet and Under eyes/ Saggy, Puffy Skin

Under Eyes/Nose



Around Mouth (lips)

Upper Lip Only

Perioral (lips/Nasal Labial fold & chin)


Areola Restoration


Camouflage Corrective

Advanced Hair Simulation


Melanocyte Restoration